“Radiophysics Research Institute” CJSC

Address: Yerevan, Komitas 49/4
Tel: +374 10 234 990
Fax: +374 10 230 159
Email: rri@sci.am
Web-Site: www.sci.am

“RRI” CJSC former Soviet “All Union Radio Physics Measurements Scientific Research Institute”, was founded in 1971 at the initiative of academician P.M. Herouni. The company is an Armenian and regional leading scientific institution active in Antenna measurement, technology and equipment.
Institute’s traditional core activity is the measurement of antennas, but based on its 40-year history, it have a claim to become a successful specialized service provider in the region able to design, maintain and produce special antennas, and related microwave equipment and devices.
Institute’s Aragats mount based large Scientific Centre, where Etalon antennas and famous 54 m diameter Radio telescope are located comes to show and prove RRI’s great potential and prospective.

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“Precision Sensors/Instrumentation Development & Production” Ltd. – “PSI” (ARMENIA)

Address: 0025 Yerevan, Alex Manoogian 1
Tel: +374 10 519 383; +374 94 641 822; +374 93 519 729
Fax: + 374 10 519 383
Emails: info@psi.am, gevs_sam@web.am, gevs_sam@ysu.am
WebSite: www.psi.am

PSI is a startup company in Armenia, which has leveraged a new proven technology that has rendered a sensor with exceptional performance with respect to the world class seismic sensors. Field tests in Armenia & abroad have validated the projected performance quality, and provided irrefutable field data.
Leveraging a new proven technology PSI provides passive, remote sensing Zone Security Systems (ZSS) to Home Land Security (HLS) markets in the world. The ZSS can be used for maintaining security in various security scenarios, and has utility in both civilian and military applications. The ZSS is custom made to customers security needs for over and under the ground, as well as the under water security applications. The following are some of the many zone security applications in the HLS market:
 Passive and remote sensing border security & control without need of physical line of sight availability;
 Passive and remote sensing of activities inside & beyond mountains of special interest;
 Passive and remote sensing of perimeters, such as jails, parks, airports, bases, and many like areas;
 Under water security systems for coast guards, ports securities, and various military applications.
PSI provides also Services to design and develop custom made Zone Security Systems, and services to upgrade the existing security systems with PSI ZSS. PSI will manufacture and deliver ZSS, and maintain and service customers during the deployment of ZSS.

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“Project Integration”

Director: V. Alexanyan
Address: 0051 Yerevan, Hovsep Emin 123, EIF Entrance
Tel: +374 10 219 798
Fax: +374 10 219 782
Emails: info@pintegration.org
Web-Site: www.pintegration.org

Project Integration company has been established in March 2011.
The company’s field of operation is the modern industrial measurement and automated testing systems design, implementation, installation and service. The group of highly qualified professionals offers various solutions in the fields of automated testing and production management with a comprehensive approach to customer requirements. We cooperate with renowned specialists in the field which is a primary value for our company. They are involved in complex project workgroups.
The company’s portfolio also includes the development of educational systems provided both in software and hardware.

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“Pegasus Logic” LLC

Address: 0012 Yerevan, Vagharshyan 24/3, apt. 15
Tel: +374 77 044 877
Emails: info@pegasuslogic.com, manuk.shemsyan@pegasuslogic.com
Website: www.pegasuslogic.com

Pegasus Logic’s vision is to provide innovative engineering solutions.
Pegasus Logic LLC is a full-service engineering company providing “innovative solutions” to unique problems. At PL our experienced engineering team will assist you with the design, analysis, fabrication and testing of your system. We offer solutions in industrial automation control and monitoring, semiconductor IC testing systems, structure (building) health monitoring and agriculture processes automation. Our company is a holder of green agriculture idea and we have ready solutions in poultry plant automation, automate irrigation control and glasshouse industry.

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Ovak Technologies

Address: 0051 Yerevan, Hovsep Emin 123, EIF entrance
Tel: +374 10 219 768; +374 94 720 500
Emails: info@ot.am
Web-Site: www.ot.am

Ovak Technologies is Alliance Partner of National Instrument Inc.
Ovak Technologies provides a wide range of engineering services such as software engineering, hardware design, algorithm engineering, algorithm implementation and field test services for specific industry problems.
The highly experienced team has obtained an exclusive practical and theoretical knowledge base mainly in oil industry. We have developed superior solutions that have already been successfully implemented. Many of our solutions are currently undergoing the process of field test at different oil stations in Russia, US and Canada.

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“OLYMP Engineering” LLC

Director: Orbel J. Sevoyan
Address: 0051 Yerevan, Hovsep Emin 123, EIF entrance
Tel: +374 55 688 597
Email: info@olympmail.am
Site: www.olympmail.am

OLYMP Engineering is a new company in Armenian High-Tech industry. Company’s main field of specialization is Radio Frequencies (RF). It develops various communication protocols, algorithms and RF hardware for different applications. OLYMP Engineering has already deployed systems in Russia, India and Singapore. Owe to the implementation of modern technologies and highly qualified specialists team the service range the company is providing is getting wider and wider.

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“Nork” Information-Analytical Center

Director: H. Chobanyan
Address: 0069 Yerevan, K. Ulnetsi 68
Tel: +374 10 247 502
Fax: +374 10 248 618
Emails: norq@norq.am, info@norq.am
Web-Site: www.norq.am

“Nork” Information-Analytical Center is one of the leading organizations in the sector of information and communication technologies. The Company provides services in a number of areas, in particular:
• Design of information systems and websites
o Business process discovery and research
o Infrastructure development
o Installation and staff training
o Support service
• Local/global networking
• Hardware support
• Computer and specialized training
• Publishing activities

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“National Instruments” Armenian Branch

Address: 0051 Yerevan, Hovsep Emin 123, EIF Entrance
Tel։ +374 10 219 710
Fax։ +374 10 219 782
Emails: ni.armenia@ni.com

National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world
design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design
applications. Using NI open graphical programming software and modular hardware,
customers at more than 30,000 companies annually simplify development, increase
productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. From testing next-generation
gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers continuously
develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people.

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“Museum of Science & Technology”

Address: 0051 Yerevan, Hovsep Emin 123, EIF Entrance
Tel։ +374 10 463 596; +374 94 596 642
Emails: Stmuseum@gmail.com

Museum of Science & Technology
The mission of the museum is to present the history of scientific and technological achievements of the Armenian people and their contribution to world science and technology.
The primary task is to collect, safeguard and exhibit the discoveries, inventions and technologies of the Armenians both in Armenia and abroad.
The museum also organizes lectures and laboratory work for school children to promote the passion towards the science and technology and engineering education.

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“Microsoft Corporation”

Director: G. Barseghyan
Address: 0009 Yerevan, Teryan 105/1, Floor 8, Room 801
Tel: +374 10 514 889; +374 10 514 891
Emails: v-lidani@microsoft.com
Web-site: www.microsoft.com

Microsoft Corporation opened its subsidiary in Armenia in May 2006. The main areas of activities of Microsoft Armenia are:
• Collaboration with RA Government in Education, Healthcare, E-government, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, social field, etc.
• Support of local IT industry via sharing modern technology and skills
• Creating partners ecosystem
• Providing support to local private and public organizations in development of IT infrastructure in Armenia
• Providing new innovative business solutions
• Trainings and certification

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